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Social Power Course - Online Participation

Post-Graduate Certificate Courses at Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Social Power

Oct 31-Nov 2, 2016

Humanity lives in a time of unprecedented capacity for accomplishment in every field of social life. Never before have we possessed power of this magnitude for good or for evil. Never before has power been so widely distributed within society. Democracy, law, human rights, science, technology, education and many other forms of social organization have generated immense power. Society governs the possession and exercise of this power through formal structures and institutions, such as law and human rights, as well as through both legitimate and extra-legal informal mechanisms including status, wealth, popularity, political influence and corruption. The distribution of power in its various forms powerfully impacts on the functioning of the economy, political system, educational, scientific, religious and and other social institutions, and on the overall productivity, strength, integrity, harmony and welfare of society. This transdisciplinary course will explore the sources, expressions, determinants and consequences of the creation, distribution and exercise of social power in its various expressions in politics, economy, society and culture and its consequences for the evolution of society as a whole.

There is no fee for attending the course through the Webinar. If you want to have a certificate of participation, there is a fees of 25 Euros.

Please email us at support@worldacademy.org if you would like to attend the course. 
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