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  • Articulate Online

    Articulate Online from Articulate is a hosted service that allows course providers to track how employees, customers, and prospects interact with the e-learning courses, assessments, and presentations. It can be used to deliver courses and track learner activity. Conent can be published online, delivered directed to the intended audience, and track who is viewing the presentations and how they respond to the quizzes and surveys.

  • ChemVantage

    ChemVantage is an Open Education Resource for teaching and learning college level General Chemistry. It features video tutorials, quizzes, homework exercises, practice exams and links to free textbooks. It is free for individual use. It has a paid service for use by classes, consisting of a groups of students led by an instructor. ChemVantage is conformant with the LTI v1.1 standard for learning tools interoperability. ChemVantage is also certified as an educational services provider in the Google Apps EDU Marketplace.

  • Accredible

    Accredible lets learners create a portfolio of proof for skills, projects, or online courses so they can put them on their résumé. It allows them to create knowledge profiles that show their degrees, track MOOCs, and provide evidence of their knowledge. Online and self education are an integral part of learning today. But much of it does not result in a certificate. Accredible plans to add credibility to self education by providing users with the option of creating their own certificates. These certificates are dynamic and evolving, they can be students' own notes, assignments, projects, quiz results, videos showcasing their talent, and endorsements from colleagues and industry experts. The same can be done not just for MOOCs, but for traditional university education as well. These certificates can be shared using a custom URL or through their LinkedIn profile. Accredible also summarizes each course into a 5-star rating in order to assist recruiters.

  • Free Easy Way

    Free Easy Way is an interactive learning platform that supports teaching and learning online. The goal is to build state of the art e-learning. Schools, universities and individuals can post their free or paid courses online. Students can attend online courses, access books, take tests, share information, interact with teachers and other students. The Free Easy Way platform can be adapted to one-to-one teaching, training, and by virtual and traditional schools. The platform validates each course and the institution that provides it, before it is offered to students. Granting of certificates at the completion of a course depends on the particular institution providing the course.

  • StudyRoom

    StudyRoom is an educational collaboration application that allows one to study with fellow learners from all over the world. Students can meet their classmates outside the classroom. They can get help, and share what they know. They can form study groups to prepare for exams. Learning and teaching can be done from one's home, dorm, library or anywhere else. It can done using the computer, tablet or the phone. The social learning platform makes a course a collaborative and social experience. Study groups need not be confined to one's classmates alone, students can collaborate with others anywhere in the world. Those enrolled in MOOCs can share notes, ask for help and study together regardless of differences in timezone and location.

    Read the blog entry about StudyRoom here.

  • Articulate Studio '13

    Articulate Studio '13 from Articulate is a tool for creating online, presentation-based courses. Courses, quizzes and other e-learning content can be built using PowerPoint, and the slides transformed into an online course. Authors can create, narrate and annotate e-learning content, add quizzes and surveys to online courses, add media-rich interactions, and create training videos by recording screencasts.

  • Articulate Storyline

    Articulate Storyline from Articulate is an e-learning authoring software for building interactive online and movile courses. It is a simple and powerful tool, with a familiar user interface and intuitive features. It allows the author to build slides from the scratch or start from a template. Illustrated and photographic characters, with thousands of combinations of expressions and poses are available for use in the course. Innovative interactivity, flexible assessment, screen recording, tracking and reporting, multiple language support and extensive support are some of the assets of the software.

  • ToolBook

    SumTotal ToolBook empowers subject matter experts and learning professionals to rapidly create interactive content, quizzes, assessments, and software simulations. Industry’s most complete talent management platform SumTotal ToolBook enables you to easily create engaging learning experiences by providing templates and tools that make learning content, assessments, and quizzes impactful and intuitive, expand the reach of learning content to a greater user base by leveraging templates and tools for both mobile and desktop platforms, reduce the cost of learning content creation by enabling internal resources to easily create compelling, standardized content rather than rely on expensive external resources.

  • Toolwire

    Toolwire is a learning solutions provider specializing in products and services for experiential learning. You can build immersive learning environments with video characters, photo-realistic worlds, authentic “natural” assessments, and engaging storylines.

  • TurboDemo

    TurboDemo allows you to capture screenshots and explain software, PC applications, websites and products with animated demos and tutorials.