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Pioneering Initiatives

Every day sees new ideas and innovations that multiply the opportunities and improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Pioneering initiatives in education are pushing the limits and redefining the field today. Every day sees new ideas and innovations that broaden the scope and improve the quality of teaching and learning. Online education continues to evolve, presenting new opportunities and challenges.

The courses offered by MOOCs cover every conceivable subject. MOOC search engines and directories direct students to the courses they seek. Some allow students to rate the courses they have taken and lecturers they have had, to guide others. Learning Management Systems allow the creation and management of online courses. Presentation, audio, video and graphics software allow a subject expert to create all the components that make up the course. There are low cost devices that make digital education affordable to all. Publishing companies create interactive, digital textbooks that allow students to organize notes and share them with other students. Organizing software allow users to categorize data, ebooks, websites, videos, notes, and synchronize all these online with other users.

Biometric devices for identity verification aim to minimize fraud. Social networking sites allow users to add digital certificates to their online profiles. Tech giants and startups, government and voluntary organizations, universities and publishing houses are collaborating to extend the reach and impact of higher education. Tools are available for every conceivable aspect of learning – for event scheduling, translation, flashcard creation, mind mapping, document sharing, digital storytel­ling, screen casting, note taking, blogging.