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    Ashok Natarajan

    Education is the most powerful instrument for the progress of civilization. As such it eminently deserves to adapt itself the latest developments of society. Internet is a technological development aptly suited to enrich on-line education. Internet has a marvelous speed that defies imagination.

    Originally it was meant to bring all available facts to those interested in getting them. But education really means the transmission of ideas or at least of thoughts. Facts are precise and well-defined and internet excels in providing access to facts. The true purpose, however, will be served only when Real-Ideas are subject matter of education, rather than mere facts. Facts turn into thoughts when two or more of them are coordinated. When more facts are coordinated, the emerging thought is further enriched and turns into an idea. The aim of on-line education should be to spread ideas that impart life-knowledge. We now know about facts, thoughts and ideas. We are now eager to know what this life-knowledge is. It is a complex of ideas with the power to precipitate events which can bring out the maximum potential of the individual and society for development, as the end of Cold War resulted in the rapid development of the World Wide Web.