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Seoul 2016 - Overview

WAAS-WUC-KHU Colloquium

in Commemoration of the 35th Anniversary of
UN International Day of Peace

Main Theme: "New Paradigm and Planetary Engagement: A Call for responsibility"

Humanity today faces critical challenges. The choice before us is either evolution or extinction. As Pope Francis encyclical, Laudato Si, suggests, unless we, the global community, can find ways to revitalize the healthiness of an integral ecology that incorporates mutually inter-connected human, social, and environmental ecological systems, the human species is not sustainable. The starting point for meeting these challenges is to awaken human minds to the need for radical change of course. This should necessarily lead to a quantum shift in the paradigm of education, especially university education. This Colloquium will provide a venue to reflect upon the reality which humanity confronts today and to envision our best course of action, including a new role for higher educational institutions as architects of the future.