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Charter Members

Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Charitable Foundation facilitates the development and emergence of a critical mass of the new generation of people capable of taking on the responsibility for the fate of the state and wellbeing of the society.
An international NGO founded by former UNESCO Director General Federico Mayor Zaragoza to promote a culture of peace, human rights, non-violence, tolerance and dialogue among civilizations. The Foundation has Special Consultative Status with the ECOSOC.
Global Education Futures Initiative is an international collaborative platform that brings together stakeholders in global education to discuss and implement the necessary transformations of educational ecosystems for thrivable futures. GEF originated in 2008 as a grassroot Russian educational innovators community. Since then GEF has conducted many global forums with educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, students, and policy makers which resulted in visions of the future of education, policies and more. Since 2014, it has grown as a global network of visionaries and practitioners who develop education as a vehicle of societal transformation.
GIIMS is a vocational college in Kochi, India that offers education in Logistics and Supply Chain Management with the intention of creating high class professionals for meeting the global industrial needs. Under the guidance of WUC, with which it has been collaborating closely since 2016, it has adopted a person-centered approach, contextual and student-centered courses and an active learning pedagogy. The impressive results have enabled GIIMS to become the largest institute of logistics and supply chain management in India and a model emulated by other institutions.
An association of more than 800 present and former university presidents, vice chancellors and rectors from around the world founded in 1964 to increase the exchange of experiences, levels of collaboration and networking between university leaders, contribute to a worldwide vision of higher education, strengthen the international mission of institutions throughout the world, and promote peace and international understanding through education. IAUP has Consultative Status with the ECOSOC, United Nations and UNESCO.
In May 2017, the Parliament of Romania enacted new legislation establishing The Institute for Advanced Studies in Levant Culture and Civilization (ISACCL) in Bucharest as a permanent government-funded research institution in partnership with WAAS, WUC and the Romanian Academy of Sciences. The founding of ISACCL has been the result of a six year Levant for Global Peace Initiative launched by WAAS Trustee Emil Constantinescu, former President of Romania and founding President of ISACCL, to establish a permanent research institute to promote peace in the Levant through cultural diplomacy.
Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik is an independent international institution for advanced studies structured as a consortium of universities with a mission to organise and promote contact and exchange through projects, study programmes, courses and conferences across a wide range of scientific concerns. Programme directors and resource persons coming from about 170 member universities worldwide cooperate in organising the activities. IUC is open to new member institutions as well as to new programmes.
An international center of knowledge and education in Alexandria, Egypt. The aim of Bibliotheca Alexandrina is to be the center of excellence in the production and dissemination of knowledge and to be a place of dialogue, learning and understanding between cultures and peoples. The Director of the library is Dr. Mustafa El Feki.
The largest psychological counselling and post graduate psychological education and training institution in Italy founded by the world-renowned psychologist Carl Rogers in 1979. Headquartered in Rome, IACP conducts research, training and consultancy to promote change in individuals and groups (public institutions, private organizations, society in general).
A social science research and educational institution founded in 1970 in Pondicherry, India. MSS conducts original research on the process of individual, organizational, national and international development and serves as the administrative office and publishing center for the World Academy of Art & Science.
An international think tank established by eminent intellectuals in 1960 with more than 600 members from 80 countries. WAAS serves as a forum for addressing the pressing challenges confronting humanity today founded on faith in the power of original and creative ideas to change the world – Leadership in Thought that Leads to Action.