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  • The Role of Online Education in the New Global Paradigm
    Harish, Janani
    Online education significantly raises the educational attainment levels. Colleges with inadequate infrastructure and insufficient teachers cannot accommodate all those who seek education. Expansion of traditional educational facilities is slow and expensive. Online education using internet and communication technologies offers abundant opportunities to quantitatively and qualitatively expand access to education.
  • Authentication, MOOCs and OERs
    Fabian Banga
    With a growing inventory of openly available educational tools and resources and with an increasingly engaged and connected community, transformative opportunities for education abound. MOOCs that focus on the social dimension of learning and active practices will emerge successful in knowledge production and not just content mastery.
  • Globalizing Higher Education: Global Needs
    Nagan, Winston
    The curriculum design for global higher education should be formulated around the notions of global knowledge, global social consequences and global policy implications. The growth of technology has created a revolution in the storage and retrieving of knowledge, revolutionizing the time involved in learning or teaching from such a knowledge base. The possibility of a future connectivity of intelligence is a major paradigm shift that should impact the prospects of global higher education.
  • MOOCs in the Real World: Deconstructing the Impact
    Matkin, Gary
    MOOC and Open Educational Resources have emerged as the disruptive technology in teaching and learning. As MOOCs pave way for new opportunities, they present unique challenges for institutions of higher education in maintaining institutional autonomy and academic freedom.
  • Global Survival 101
    Krieger, David
    University students need a grounding in the global dangers that confront humans as a species, as well as a sense of the interconnectedness of these dangers and the ways forward to solutions that alleviate and reverse the dangers. Awareness of global dangers and human survival can be created by an online course available to students throughout the world.
  • Higher Education – a Basis for Progress and Democracy in the Globalized World of the 21st Century
    Constantinescu, Emil
    A democratic society uses its elites for the common benefit, making them accessible to any citizen willing to use his talent and abilities to reach as far as possible on his chosen path. We must re-invent the school that takes into account every child’s and teenager’s talents, to offer them a customized path that will bring out the best of every student’s personality. Education accompanied by a radical transformation of the economy level, generates jobs according to the knowledge society and not to the industrial society characterizing the 19th century.
  • The Evolution of the Educational Paradigm
    Lindgren, Carl Edwin
    Creation of a new paradigm in education is a part of an on-going development factor of change which can lead to good or bad. The potential results are forthcoming, only due to future meta-theory constructs based on their foundations, methods, form, utility and their eventual sociological development and benefit to mankind.
  • The Dignitarian University
    Fuller, Robert W
    Societies that root rankism out of their schools and universities will lead the world in the twenty-first century, much as those that curtailed the abuse of rank in government led in the twentieth. No institution will remain dignitarian for long if it is not committed to coevolving with power.
  • World University: Global Strategy for Higher Education
    Engelbrecht, Jüri 
    In principle, universities should always be some steps ahead of the society, both in terms of education and research. Education in universities should equip graduates for activities in the future. Contrary to contemporary ideas about innovation, research is much wider when it includes studies about man, society and the world, culture and human perception.
  • Creative Consciousness
    Natarajan, Ashok
    Consciousness is creative. Value-based educational creativity can awaken and nurture young minds to develop and discover their own inherent capacity for knowledge in freedom. Education is society’s most advanced institution for conscious social evolution. Values are the essence of society’s knowledge for highest accomplishment. Education that imparts values is an evolutionary social organization that can hasten the emergence of that creative consciousness.