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IAUP 2014 - Creating the Future of Higher Education

IAUP Japan 2014

WUC partners with International Association of University Presidents


Yokohama, Japan  -- June 11-14, 2014


The work of the World University Consortium was featured at a special session of the XVII Triennial Conference of The International Association of University Presidents in Yokohama. IAUP, an organization whose members include with more than 800 present and former presidents, vice-chancellors and rectors of universities around the world, is a charter member of World University Consortium. 

In his keynote address, Mr. Nobuyuki Idei, former Chairman & CEO of Sony spoke of an approaching tsunami in higher education akin to the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, eventually making way for the emergence of human civilization. Today’s universities today face multiple challenges and under pressure to change radically in order to adjust to the needs of humanity in the 21st century. The challenge is to preserve the best of the existing system while rising to the meet the social challenge of delivering more, better and more relevant education the world needs. This is the central purpose of WUC is to evolve creative solutions. 

These remarks set an appropriate context for the WUC special session on the need for a “New Paradigm in Higher Education”, which was chaired and introduced by Neal King, who just completed his term as IAUP President and now serves as Chair of the IAUP Board and a Director WUC. 

In his presentation, Heitor Gurgulino de Souza, President of WUC and World Academy of Art & Science (WAAS), and former Rector of UN University, explained how rapid social evolution has generated a growing gap between educational capabilities and social needs today. Education plays a central role in human development. It is the technology humanity has developed to consciously accelerate our collective social evolution. It plays a key role in the development of new knowledge and theoretical understanding and also in passing on to youth the accumulated knowledge of humanity so the next generation can start off where we have left off and progress further, rather than constantly repeat old errors and reinvent the wheel. Today more than effort global social challenges necessitate rapid advances in both knowledge generation and knowledge delivery to keep pace with changing needs. The challenge we face in higher education is to rapidly expand accessibility and affordability while increasing the content, quality and relevance of what is taught to meet the needs of a new generation, including employability, team and leadership skills, environmental understanding, creativity, innovation and original thinking. 

Garry Jacobs, Chair of the Board and CEO of WUC and WAAS, spoke of a coming “Revolution in Higher Education.” We are now in the very early stages of a revolution in global higher education akin to the Internet in 1994 which will radically transform the mode of knowledge delivery, the customer base, the content, the faculty and the way we manage educational delivery. Radical change is inevitable. But we have no assurance that this change will be all for the best. Imposition of a standardized global curriculum through massification may rob education of the quality, personal interaction, creativity and diversity needed to meet the diverse challenges that are coming. Therefore there is urgent need for new thinking on the future of education in order to conceptualize and strategies new models that will best meet the diverse needs of humanity. That is the principle mission of WUC. 

The challenges we face are too important and too great to be left to chance, incremental processes of institutional change. The world needs leadership that can bring in new ideas and perspectives yet is strongly grounded in the current realities and the problems facing higher education today. This was the rationale for inviting IAUP to join as a founding member of WUC late last year and the invitation to WUC to participate in the IAUP conference. 

Wednesday, June 11
18:00-20:00 Opening Cocktail Party

at Pacifico Yokohama room 301-304

Thursday, June 12
9:00-10:20 Opening Ceremony
Master of Ceremonies : Dr. Alvaro Romo, IAUP Secretary-General-elect
1. Dr. Toyoshi Satow (Japan) President-elect,IAUP
2. Dr. Neal King (USA) President, IAUP
3. Mr. Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal (United Nations)

Representing H.E. Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General, United Nations
Under-Secretary-General, United Nations
4. Mr. Hakubun Shimomura (Japan) Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
5. Ms. Fumiko Hayashi (Japan) Mayor, Yokohama City
6. Dr. David M. Malone (UNU) Rector, United Nations University
7. Ambassador & Dr. Teiichi Sato (Japan) Chairperson, Japan Committee for IAUP 2014 Triennial Conference
8. H.I.H. Princess Takamado (Japan) The Imperial Family
10:20-11:20 Plenary Session
Master of Ceremonies : Dr. Jason Scorza, IAUP 2011-14 Secretary General, Board of Directors
"J. Michael Adams Leadership and Service Award" Ceremony
Mr. Nobuyuki Idei (Japan)
Global Education for the Future
Founder & CEO, Quantum Leaps Corporation
Former President & CEO, SONY
11:30-12:20 Concurrent Sessions
Session 1 : Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement and Innovation in Higher Education

Session Chair : Dr. Carmen Lamagna, IAUP Treasurer

Session Co-Chair : Dr. Takafumi Goda, President, Shokei Gakuin University
1.   Dr. Carmen Lamagna IAUP Tresurer
2.   Dr. Carol Bobby (USA) President, INQAAHE (International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education)
3.   Dr. Kazuo Okamoto (Japan) Vice-President, National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation
Session 2 : The Role of Higher Education -Now and in the Future

Session Chair : Dr. Jason Scorza, IAUP 2011-14 Secretary General, Board of Directors

Session Co-Chair : Dr. Akira Ninomiya, President, Hijiyama University
1.   Mr. Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal (United Nations) UN Under Secretary for Public Information
2.   Ms. Molly Corbett Broad (USA) President, ACE (American Council on Education)
3.   Dr. Edward Guiliano (USA) President, NYIT (New York Institute of Techology)
Session 3 : New Paradigm in Higher Education

Session Chair : Dr. Kakha Shengelia, President, Caucasus University, Republic of Georgia

Session Co-Chair : Dr. Kuniko Tanioka, Chancellor and President, Shigakkan University
1.   Dr. Neal King (USA) President, IAUP
2.   Prof. Heitor Gurgulino de Souza (Brazil) Former IAUP Secretary-General

Former President, United Nations University
3.   Dr. Garry Jacobs (USA) Chairman of the Board and CEO, WUC (World University Consortium)-WAAS (World Academy of Art and Science).
12:20-13:30 Lunch buffet
13:30-15:00 Concurrent Sessions
Panel 1 : The Role of Women in Higher Education

Session Chair : Dr. Mariko Bando, Chancellor and President, Showa Women's University

Session Co-Chair : Dr. Gulsun Saglamer, Professor, Istanbul Technical University
1.   Dr. Gulsun Saglamer (Turkey) Professor, Istanbul Technical University
2.   Dr. Junko Hibiya (Japan) President, International Christian University (ICU)
3.   Ms. Eva Egron Polak (France) Secretary General, International Association of Universities (IAU)
4.   Dr. Sharon Y. Hart (USA) President, Northern Marianas College
5.   Dr. Elizabeth Stroble (USA) President, Webster University
Panel 2 : The Challenge of Internationalization and Mobility in Higher Education

Session Chair : Dr. Gerald Reisinger, President, Upper Austria University

Session Co-Chair : Dr. Hirotomo Teranishi, Vice President, Soka University
1.   Mr. Mark Harris (USA) President & CEO, ELS Educational Services, Inc.
2.   Mr. Hans-Georg van Liempd (Netherlands) President, European Association for International Education
3.   Professor Osama Ibrahim Sayed Ahmed (Egypt) President, Alexandria University
4.   Dr. H. Jenny Su (Taiwan) Executive Vice President, National Cheng Kung University
5.   Prof. Takeshi Matsuda (Japan) President, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies
6.   Prof. Jekuk Chang (Republic of Korea) President, Dongseo University
15:00-15:30 Refreshment break
15:30-17:00 Plenary Session
Peace Education - The Changing Nature of War -

Session Chair : Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell, President, William V. S. Tubman University

Session Co-Chair : Dr. Jackie Jenkins-Scott, President, Wheelock College

Moderator : Dr. Jim Miller, Director, Scholar Rescue Fund, Institute of International Education (IIE)
1.   Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell (Liberia) President, William V. S. Tubman University
2.   Dr. Jackie Jenkins-Scott (USA) President, Wheelock College
3.   Dr. James Miller (USA) Director, Scholar Rescue Fund, Institute of International Education (IIE)
4.   H.E. Fidel V. Ramos (Philippines) Former President of the Philippines, founder of the Ramos Foundation for Peace and Development, Inc.
5.   Dr. Joseph T. Isaac(Liberia) President, AME University
6.   Dr. Salah Aziz(Iraq) President, Komar University of Science and Technology
7.   Dr. Najib Stipho ( Iraq) President emeritus, Mansour University

Friday, June 13
9:30-10:30 Plenary Session
IAUP-UN Joint Panel : United Nations Academic Impact and Global Innovation on Higher Education

Session Chair & Conductor : Dr. Ramu Damodaran, Director, United Nations Academic Impact Chief, Civil Society Service, Department of Public Information, United Nations

Session Co-Chair : Dr. Masaru Ishizumi, President, Kanagawa University
1.   Dr. Soon-Heung Chang (Republic of Korea) President, Handong Global University
2.   H.E. Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser (Qatar) UN High-Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Secretariat
3.   Prof. James McWha (Austraila) Vice Chancellor and President, University of Rwanda
Secretary General Emeritus, IAUP
4.   Ms. Jessica Jiji (United Nations) Executive Office of the Secretary-General, United Nations
10:30-11:00 Refreshment break
11:00-12:30 Concurrent Sessions
Session 1 : Creating the Future of Higher Education in Asia Pacific

Session Chair : Dr. Shawn Chen, President, SIAS International University

Session Co-Chair : Dr. Hiroshi Takahashi, President, Tokyo International University
1.   Prof. Etsuko Katsu (Japan) Vice-President International, Meiji University.
2.   Dr. Norihiko Suzuki (Japan) President, Akita International University
3.   Dr. Koji Murata (Japan) President, Doshisha University
4.   Dr. Inwon Choue (Republic of Korea) President, Kyung Hee University
Session 2 : Mobility in Higher Education

Session Chair : Dr. Barham Madain, Former President of IAUP

Session Co-Chair : Dr. Atsushi Hamana, Chancellor and President, Kansai University of International Studies
a)  "Mobility and the International Campus Start-Up: Opportunities and Challenges":
Dr. Matthew Zingraff (USA) President and Provost, George Mason University - Korea
Dr. Anne Schiller (USA) Co-author Vice President for Global Strategies and Professor, George Mason University
b)  "Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships":
Dr. Keith T. Miller (USA) President, Virginia State University
c)  "Borderless Higher Education and Student Mobility : Case of Dubai International Academic City"
Dr. Ayoub Kazim (UAE) Managing Director, TECOM Investments (Education Cluster)
12:30-14:00 Lunch buffet
14:00-15:30 Plenary Session
UNU-IAU-IAUP Co-chaired Session "Higher Education for Sustainable Development"

Session Chair : Ambassador Teiichi Sato, Chairman, Organizing Committee XVII IAUP Triennial Conference

Session Co-Chair : Dr. Se Ung Lee, President, Shin II Educational Foundation, Chancellor, Seoul Cyber University
1.   Dr. Kazuhiko Takeuchi (Japan) Senior Vice Rector, United Nations University
Assistant Secretary-General, United Nations
2.   Dr. Yutaka Tsujinaka (Japan) Executive Advisor to the President, University of Tsukuba
Board Member, International Association of Universities (IAU)
3.   Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit (Thai) President, Siam University, Former IAUP President
4.   Dr. Kazuhiko Takemoto (Japan) Director, United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS)
15:30-17:00 Concurrent Sessions
Session 1 : Quality Assurance and Innovation

Session Chair : Dr. Heitor Gurgulino de Souza, IAUP Secretary-General Emeritus

Session Co-Chair: Dr. Noriaki Sagara, Senior Vice President, JIHEE (Japan Institution for Higher Education Evaluation)
a)  "Challenges of Establishing a Private Medical School and Teaching Hospital in the Gulf":

President Thumbay Moideen, Gulf Medical University (United Arab Emirates)
b)  "Intercultural Competencies among Students at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria":

President Gerald Reisinger (Austria,) in cooperation with Dr. Dagmar Strohmeier (Austria)
c)  "USA Accreditation, Institutional Improvement, and Innovation in Latin America":

President Fernando León García, CETYS University (Mexico)
d)  "Actualizing Moral Education in Japanese Universities":

President Osamu Nakayama, Reitaku University (Japan)
Session 2 : Creating the Future of Higher Education

Session Chair : Dr. Eda C.B. Machado de Souza, President, IESB University Center

Session Co-Chair : Dr. Hideyuki Nakajima, Chancellor and President, Future University Hakodate
a)  "Transformative Learning at the University of Central Oklahoma":

President Don Betz, University of Central Oklahoma (USA)
b)  "Harmonization of Professional Education in Japanese Universities beyond Cross-Cultural Frictions":

President Takeshi Kojima, Toin Yokohama University (Japan)
c)  "Massification of Higher Education in South Africa"

Vice-Chancellor Thandwa Mthembu, Central University of Technology (South Africa)
d)  "The Future of Higher Education in Spain and Beyond"

President Fernando Galván, University of Alcalá (Spain)
18:30-22:00 Gala dinner & entertainment

at Yokohama Bay Tokyu, Queen's Grand Ballroom

Saturday, June 14
9:00-10:30 Plenary Session
Session Chair : Dr. Ramu Damodaran, United Nations

Session Co-Chair : Dr. Yoshiro Tanaka, Senior Advisor to UNAI/ASPIRE Japan

In Cooperation with : UNAI/ASPIRE Korea, Austria, Black Sea Universities Network, Japan
Special Plenary Panel on the Theme "Voices of the Future"
J. F. Oberlin University, Reitaku University, Nanzan University, Kanda University of International Studies, Kobe Design University

Handong Global University, Gulf Medical University
10:45-12:30 Closing Session
Master of Ceremonies : Dr. Jason Scorza, IAUP 2011-14 Secretary General, Board of Directors
IAUP General Assembly
Celebration of IAUP 50th Anniversary
12:30-13:30 Lunch buffet