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Rome 2017 - Papers

Papers & Presentations

  1. Welcome Speech by Heitor Gurgulino de Souza
  2. Education, Science & Innovation by Carlos Alvarez Pereira
  3. Education for Entrepreneurship by Zbigniew Bochniarz
  4. Individuality & Transformational Leadership by Stefan Brunnhuber
  5. Homo faber or Homo ludens by João Caraça
  6. Mind, Thinking and Creativity by MSR Dev
  7. Higher education and small countries by Momir Djurovic
  8. Learning to Think Creatively by Piero Dominici
  9. Learning to Think Creatively by Rodolfo Fiorini
  10. Transdisciplinary Education, Anticipation and Complexity by Rodolfo Fiorini
  11. Transdisciplinary Education, Anticipation and Complexity by Barry Gills
  12. Critical Thinking in Higher Education by Sigmund Grønmo
  13. Start Early, End Strong by George Halvorson and Robert J. Berg
  14. New Paradigm in Pedagogy by Sara Isakovic
  15. Education: an Essential Tool for Reaching the UN SDGs by 2030 by Yehuda Kahane
  16. Beyond the Boundary for New Paradigm in Higher Education A Case from Kyung Hee University by Minwoong Kim
  17. Education for a Peaceful, Inclusive and Resilient Society by Donato Kiniger-Passigli
  18. Provide Training In Critical-Ethical Analysis At All Institutions Of Higher Education by Lennart Levi
  19. Higher Learning for Tomorrow: Challenges Ahead by Walter Lorenz
  20. Active, Collaborative learning by Nontsikelelo Makhanya
  21. Individuality & Transformational Leadership by Ruben Nelson
  22. Education, Health & Sustainability by Elizabet Paunovic
  23. European University in a Crisis by J.Cayon Pena
  24. Education and Societal Needs – Corporations, Unions and Government Perspectives by Luigi Perissich
  25. Educating for the Unknown by David Perkins
  26. Education, Democracy & Peace by Siro Polo Padolecchia
  27. Human Rights, Social Power & Education by Martin Ramirez
  28. Education for the Future:SOME BITS AND BOBS by J.Martin Ramirez and Tina Lindhard
  29. Education for the 4th Industrial Revolution by Daniel Sandi Pinheiro
  30. Innovation Creativity and Technology by Vani Senthil
  31. Early Childhood Learning by Vani Senthil
  32. Education for Entrepreneurship by Matthias Straub-Fischer
  33. Education, Science & Innovation by Marcel Van de Voorde
  34. Universities and Knowledge for Sustainable Urban Futures by Giulio Verdini & Olivia Bina
  35. Early Childhood Learning by Marion Voillot
  36. Lifelong Learning LLL Structure by Raoul Weiler
  37. Switch My Mind -SMM: The Method to Ratio-Humanication Skills by Liora Weinbach
  38. Multiculturism & Education by Min Yang