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Resources - Course Tools

  • Lecturnity

    Using LECTURNITY, record your presentation and produce professional screen recordings. The use of all applications is intuitive, with no need to waste time reading complicated operating instructions.

  • LERSUS easyContent

    LERSUS is a software product that allows creating interactive tutorials, computer training courses (CBT), and e-learning courses (WBT) according to the existing e-Learning standards. LERSUS will make it easy to create descriptive interactive tutorials intended for e-learning via Internet, local area network, or by means of Learning Management System (LMS). LERSUS allows creating tests to check the knowledge and include them into the interactive materials.

  • Lessonwriter

    LessonWriter.com provides literacy and critical-thinking support for any text to help students read and understand more. LessonWriter is the only service that instantly creates personalized print, web, and mobile-ready literacy lessons any text.

  • Luminosity Studio

    The Luminosity Studio eLearning authoring tool has been designed for major organisations to create large volumes of high-quality, engaging HTML5-based eLearning courses. Luminosity Studio is one of the easiest to use, fully featured, eLearning authoring tools available. Output courses are ideal for PCs, laptops and tablets.

  • Memorize

    Memorize.com pages help you remember and understand information. Teachers & students can use them to train, communicate, study, learn, and have fun.

  • Metamorphosis

    Metamorphosis converts training content in MS Word or MS PowerPoint into an interactive e-Learning course with assessments, automated graphics, media files, etc.

  • Mindflash

    Mindflash provides a web platform for companies to easily share knowledge and train employees. The application is built to handle any type of content and to facilitate online training courses within minutes. Users simply upload existing training materials (PowerPoint, PDF, Word, video, audio), organize them on an easy-to-use visual dashboard, and invite trainees to participate. Mindflash handles all of the testing, content management, course management, and reporting so that companies can focus on developing their employees.

  • Mohive e-Learning Publishing System

    Mohive allows to create tailor-made e-learning content using a single platform which simplifies each step of the process for creating online training courses. Users can quickly deliver job-specific and/or product-specific content and easily control all stages of the project via a variety of integrated tools and features.

  • Momindum

    Momindum is a leading provider of software solutions for sales enablement, training and development, marketing and communications, corporate knowledge sharing and business change management.

  • MOS Chorus

    "MOS Chorus is a 100% web-based, multilingual, SCORM 2004 compliant, LMS / LCMS solution for creating and distributing eLearning content: courses, questionnaires, tests, surveys, presentations, and databases. MOS Chorus is the broadest platform for you to optimise knowledge sharing in your company. It contains: Content editor for creating lessons, exercises, and tests, Style editor for changing the content appearance according to the company’s brand and style, Interface editor for customizing the learner’s connection page and an Administration tool for managing content, users, styles, and interfaces."